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I have been counselling since 1985, with specialist qualifications since 2003 to work with couples, young people and families. I am accredited with the BACP, the key body in the UK for maintaining the professional quality and standards of counsellors, psychotherapists and their training courses.

I provide a friendly, caring, objective and professional perspective on the issues that concern my clients. We discuss client's experiences, feelings and thoughts which in itself can be helpful in identifying and validating what is actually going on for people. I may then offer an alternative view of the situation, based on my training in psychological theories and my extensive experience of working with people, and that can help people move on from a situation that may have felt very 'stuck' and enable them to develop better ways of coping and to enhance their lives and relationships.

I counsel individuals to create lasting change on issues such as low self-esteem, anger management, anxiety and panic attacks, bereavement, eating disorders, depression. As a couples counsellor I can help with issues impacting relationships such as communication issues; changes such as starting a family, raising children, children leaving home, work issues, retirement; the impact of an affair and rebuilding the relationship or managing separation; financial issues; sexual issues. I counsel young people on issues of concern such as bullying, family difficulties or parental relationship breakdown.

Sometimes people worry that counselling is 'self-indulgent’. People may say their issues are not that bad and there must be others more deserving. In my experience most people consider counselling when things have become too difficult to cope with, over quite a long period. Frequently people have sunk to a very low point and are struggling with depression. They have usually tried all the other avenues open to them, talking to friends and family, trying all the distraction and self-help strategies they can think of, before considering the 'weird' step of talking intimately with a complete stranger.

However the changes that can happen through counselling can be transformative. I can offer an alternative view of your situation, based on my training in psychological theories and my experience of working with people for many years. People tell me the changes they have made with the help of counselling are well worth the investment in time, money and effort. If you are struggling to allow yourself to come to counselling it may be helpful to ask yourself ‘how much is my relationship worth’, or ‘how many years have I struggled with this issue, what has been the cost to my and other's wellbeing, how much energy has it used up’.

I work in Ledbury close to the centre of town, in my own home where I have a quiet consulting room with its own private entrance. I also work online even when there is no pandemic, so I am able to see clients from outside my local area, or who are poorly in any way or self-isolating after a covid contact

If you are considering counselling you may have a number of questions. Please get in contact if you would like to discuss them.

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“When we look back to how things were we can't believe we thought it was OK to live like that. We've reclaimed our relationship - rows and all, we feel alive, we care, we don't just take each other for granted. He gave me a Valentine's card - he's never done that before!"
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Individual and Couples Counsellor - Hereford & Ledbury

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