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Types of therapy

I will draw on my experience and training in various therapies to suit you and your situation.

To use some jargon, Systemic techniques help explore and create changes in thinking and behaviour. Psychodynamic theories and practice help people make sense of how the past may be influencing the present and gain an understanding of the underlying issues. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques help consolidate changes in behaviour.

Above all what is central is to work with you on what is relevant to you, right now, in a way that is most helpful to you in creating the changes you are wanting to make.

Why come?

Sometimes people worry that counselling is 'self-indulgent’. People may say their issues are not that bad and there must be others more deserving. In my experience most people consider counselling when things have become too difficult to cope with, over quite a long period. Frequently people have sunk to a very low point and are struggling with depression. They have usually tried all the other avenues open to them, talking to friends and family, trying all the distraction and self-help strategies they can think of, before considering the 'weird' step of talking intimately with a complete stranger.

However the changes that can happen through counselling can be transformative. I can offer an alternative view of your situation, based on my training in psychological theories and my experience of working with people for many years. People tell me the changes they have made are well worth the investment in time, money and effort. If you are struggling to allow yourself to come to counselling it may be helpful to ask yourself ‘how much is my relationship worth’, or ‘how many years have I struggled with this issue, what has been the cost to my and other's wellbeing, how much energy has it used up’.

Number of sessions

Sometimes the work is brief, consisting of 6 or so sessions. That may be enough, possibly with the occasional ‘refresher’. People frequently come for longer. Counselling works best when I see clients regularly, weekly or fornightly.

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“I think the counselling was the first step on the route to health. In helping me to deal with loss it enabled me to deal with any emotional stresses in a much more positive way. I am glad to be able to say that I can now revisit places of old and feel absolutely fine about it. That is a huge leap forward. I suppose it has made me more detached (in a good way!) and I am not so sucked into the family problems which, of course, don't go away, but I deal with them better, a little more at arm's length.”

Individual & Couples Counsellor - Hereford & Ledbury

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