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Marijke Vonck
Counselling in Hereford & Ledbury

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16th January 2018 
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Counselling in Hereford & Ledbury, Herefordshire - Individuals, Couples, Families

My name is Marijke (pronounced Ma-ray-ka) Vonck and I am a BACP accredited counsellor and psychotherapist and AFT Systemic Practitioner working with individuals, couples and families in Hereford and Ledbury, near Malvern.

I have been counselling and training with individuals and groups since 1985, with specialist qualifications since 2003 to work with couples, young people, relationships and families. I am accredited with the BACP.

I will provide a friendly, caring, objective and professional perspective on the issues that concern you. By exploring your feelings and thoughts we can work together to help you develop better ways of coping to enhance your life and relationships.

I work with people to create lasting change on issues such as low self-esteem, couple communication, anger management, anxiety and panic attacks, bereavement, eating disorders, depression. I work with young people on issues of concern such as bullying, family difficulties or parental relationship breakdown. I work with families, maybe different members at different times, on family dynamics and issues that are impacting on them.

I use comfortable rooms in the heart of Ledbury and Hereford. These are in Herefordshire, close to Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. My Ledbury practice is within easy reach of Malvern, Ross on Wye, Gloucester & Bromyard. My Hereford practice is within easy reach of Ross on Wye, Leominster & Bromyard.

If you are considering counselling you may have a number of questions. Please get in contact if you would like to discuss them.

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“When we look back to how things were we can't believe we thought it was OK to live like that. We've reclaimed our relationship - rows and all, we feel alive, we care, we don't just take each other for granted. He gave me a Valentine's card - he's never done that before!"
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Individual and Couples Counsellor - Hereford & Ledbury, nr Malvern